Recently, I’ve found that a personal interest that I have as a performer and creator is an exploration of genuine human experience through movement. As a young adult, I am currently in a period of extreme introspection in my life; a period where I am seeing how my intersectionality as a black, gay man has influenced the choices that I make in my life and how I am affected by others interactions with me or perceptions of me. It has been nearly impossible for me to separate my personal feelings and emotions (particularly in terms of love and identity) from myself as a dance artist, so I allow these experiences and emotions to guide my art.Through this, I’ve realized that something I value in work is a sense of authenticity and “rawness”. Rather than treating my art as an escape from reality, I’d like to consider it an extension of reality.

Though it’s derived from real life experiences, my art lives in abstraction. I invite interpretations of my art.


"low art: as I see it"

Photo by Maya Gorman